Saturday, March 10


I'm going to try and post this from my phone using the Blogpress app. We'll see how it goes!
I've got an exhibition going up this week at The Cambridge Art Salon called Nature's Bounty. It's loosely themed around the way people who live in cities interact with nature and wildlife, and how the natural world has had to find its own niche in the urban environment. There are 20 images in the show, all black and white digital prints, taken in Paris, Australia, Denmark and the UK.

It's on for a week from the 16th of March There's an opening viewing on the 16th, from 7pm onwards - everyone is welcome, and bring your friends! If you can't make it on Friday night, the weekend is the next best time to come and see it - the gallery has some odd opening times in the week, so it's best to check before making a long journey.
Getting the prints done and putting the show together took a bit more work than I anticipated - just cutting the mounts for the frames took a whole day. I chose an ice-white board for the mounts, so for 8 hours I was living in mortal fear of smudgey fingers! I think they look pretty spiffy now.

All the prints will be available to buy, and priced to sell! I look forward to seeing you all there!

Sunday, February 5


One of my new year's resolutions was to try and post more often on this blog, and to make sure that it's at least once a month - if you look below you'll see that I only just snuck under the wire for January. Not a good start.

The other of my resolutions was the same one that I make every year, and that's to enter more photography competitions. I've just made my first entry of the year, to the Art of Photography Show. It's a simple one, entered online, but if selected, work has to be sent to America by September this year. As some of you may know, I'm getting married in September, so that will be a hectic time! In some ways, I'm hoping not to be selected - it would be a lot of hassle. Why enter you ask? Well, I don't rightly know, except that I had the entry fee sitting in my paypal account after selling a camera bag on eBay, so why the hell not.

There's always the Taylor Wessing, which has evolved from a usually interesting show into an annual festival of disappointment for me. I very rarely agree with the selected winner, and a lot of the time I simply cannot believe that the photos on show represent the best of those submitted. I haven't even been to this year's show, and as it closes on the 12th, I doubt I will. I know a number of photographers who consider entering akin to throwing £20 down the drain. But, I will enter this year.

I'll also be making more submissions to magazines, and I think I might make another book or two this year. Of course, all this means that I will have to make some photographs at some point, but we'll worry about that later.

Sunday, January 29

Shut up Rowan, it's a flippin' telephone

I simultaneously hate and love the camera on my iPhone. As far as cameras go, it's a bag of crap, but for god's sake, it's a telephone, what do I expect?

We're dog-sitting at the moment, and we took her out for a walk in the mist this morning. I was going to bring my regular camera, but I decided that I couldn't be bothered; I was likely to be holding a dog lead in one hand, and anticipated holding a small bag of poo in the other for about 50% of the time. I figured my phone would have to do.

They say the best camera is the one you have with you, and in this case that was the phone - I really like these shots that I got, but I hate them too.

I took this one last night - same story; without my phone, I wouldn't have this shot. But I wish it were better, you know? If it's not obvious, this is a whale's skeleton...

Tuesday, October 25

Wedding Updates!

More time since my last posting, more weddings to catch up on!

I'm starting to get some nice bookings for next year - book soon to avoid disappointment!

Tuesday, August 9


Wow, wow, wow! It's a long time since I've posted anything, and for that I apologise. I've changed jobs recently, and where I used to update during the day in my spare moments, now blogger is blocked, so I can't just tap away when the thought strikes.

Anyway, here are some shots from some recent weddings - there have been quite a few this summer, and they were a lot of fun. I'm still super busy at the moment, but we're winding down now towards the end of the season. September's still pretty hectic though.

Sunday, May 1

I went to a wedding... Part 2!

This has been a long time coming, but having a little spare time has meant that I can finally post these - some more pictures from Tom and Tarana's wedding. Hope you like them!

Monday, April 25


I had a very busy weekend last weekend, thanks to two weddings in three days. One of them was a last minute booking, after the couple's original photographer bailed on them with less than a week to go. It's that kind of behaviour that reminds me that some photographers can be real idiots, and how important confidence in your photographer can be on the big day.

Anyway, thanks to the bank holidays and easter breaks, I've been able to process the photos in double quick time, so here's a little taster. I'll get the discs sent out to Sarah & Aaron and Sarah & Ed this week. I hope they like them!

Sarah and Aaron:

Sarah and Ed: