Tuesday, December 14

I went to a wedding...


So, my friend Tom got married on Friday. I wasn't the official photographer - when you know 3 gabillion photographers, it's hard to pick one to ask. And we all know the old saying, 3 gabillion photographers are better than one, right?

So anyway, because I was 'off the clock', I was able to cut loose and take some fun shots. And break my flash into tiny pieces in the process. So here they are, in roughly chronological order. You can see the slow-then-rapid decline in decorum.

It started off so gently...

These two are handsome.

 See? Told you.

I don't quite know what's going on here. I also don't know who took the photograph, because that's me in the background there...

I'm not saying that this is how my glasses got broken, but...

A monocle suits you sir!

 Yeah, I was looking at your wife's bum. WHAT OF IT?

Congratulations to Tom and Tarana - I can't think of a nicer couple, and a better party.


  1. great photos ! We know it was a great party too.....because you phoned Dad from your pocket at about 1.30 in the morning and he could hear how good it was ! xxx

  2. Nice Work Sir! Did the super glue work or do you now have a flash attached to your glasses?

  3. Thankfully the nice flash making people are sending me a new bit that I can screw on, so the flash is dandy. Sadly my glasses are still lying in a shattered heap on the bedroom floor.

  4. Hey Rowan, thanks a lot for the pics, they are really nice! and by the way, thats not my bum, you really need to get your glasses fixed soon haha
    Guess I'll see you around the new year. give my love to Ellen