Monday, April 20

Inventive little lad...

My mum just sent me this, apparently I was a hilarious little fella in 1995 ( I think...)

Tuesday, April 14

New software

Last night I downloaded Nik Software's Silver Efex Pro, which, amongst other things, emulates a number of traditional black and white films. I think the shot below is Delta 3200. Its a great program, making conversion to black and white in Photoshop much easier, and more authentic looking. It also has a number of presets that emulate things like tintypes and pinhole photos, which are fun, but have less long-term appeal for me.


Monday, April 6


Last night I downloaded People That Can Eat People Are The Luckiest People In The World by Andrew Jackson Jihad, and I simply haven't stopped listening to it. I love the cover too:

Sunday, April 5


I rocketed past 10,000 all time views on flickr today, which is only really important to me, but there you go. I've become somewhat obsessed. Anyway, here is one of my most favourite shots that I've taken. Ever. It was only this afternoon, on the way to the pub, but I think it will stay with me for years...


Friday, April 3

Don't Mess With The Chicken....


Or The Chicken Might Mess With You...

Wednesday, April 1


This shot has proven to be quite popular on my flickr page these last couple of days.

I like his face...