Thursday, January 29


I've long been inspired by the work of Daido Moriyama, and in his spirit, and that of the Provoke series of photocopy books he helped create, here are some of my own Provoke efforts:

Tuesday, January 27


I am only now making my way around to posting some wedding shots I did last summer - don't worry, the happy couple got their shots months ago, but I've haven't got around to blogging them till now!
Hope you like them, the rest can be seen on my website and on my flickr page.

Friday, January 23


I've just realised that I haven't mentioned my website here. Duh.

Anyway, check it out over at

Wednesday, January 21


I feel like a bit of a fool right now. I had to travel up to Manchester for work yesterday, and decided to leave my camera behind because it was a bit bulky, and I already had a pile of bags to carry around. Anyway, on the train journey up, I was treated to some absolutely wonderful views of the peaks, which were lightly dusted with snow. Contrasted with the industrial landscape, they made a great picture. Of course, no camera, no photos! It wasn't even the kind of scene that I usually photograph, but they were just so lovely. Then, wandering around the city centre last night, I saw a number of things that would have made a great picture, more my usual style, but of course, no camera, no photos. Then I woke up this morning to be greeted by the most amazing sunrise, and another great view of the peaks in the distance. Again, not my usual thing, but something worth shooting none-the-less. No camera, no photos.

Moral of the story? THERE'S ALWAYS ROOM FOR A CAMERA! Lesson learned...

Monday, January 19


I've been playing with drawing very naive pictures recently. Here are a couple:

Advert :-

The Executioner :-

Books and prints and things...

I have now decided to make selected prints available from my website - initially this will be from the 'Barcelona' series, but other galleries may become available in the future.

If you do wish to buy any prints, please get in touch with me using the 'Contact' tab on the website, and we can discuss your requirements regarding size etc, and I will also give you a price.

I also have a number of books available for sale over at - the bookstore can be viewed here: Bookstore!

You should really think about buying this one, its great:


Well, the first thing I'll mention here is that we (that's me and E) are due to go to Vienna this weekend. However! we may not be able to, as our friend's passport has not been returned from the evil visa people. So this time next week you might be looking at pictures from Vienna, or pictures from London. Fingers crossed, you'll be looking at some kind of picture.

So, now for an image. How do you like these apples:


Hi all. This is going to be a new experience for me, I'm going to start posting irregular snippets from my photographic life, and then in May, begin a monstrous 365 project. We'll see how that goes...