Monday, August 24

Black and White Photographer of the Year

This very morning, I have sent off my entry for Black and White Magazine's Photographer of the Year competition. I don't expect to win, but then again, you have to be in it to win it, apparently. I've sent in prints that are about 11x15 inches, which is the largest that I've printed my shots in some time. They looked pretty good! I get the prints back afterwards, so I think I'll try and sell them.

Anyway, the 4 shot portfolio that I submitted was made up of the shots below:





Results announced in December, so fingers crossed!

Sunday, August 23


Walking home from dinner last night, I was telling my friends how I'd like to visit the Department of Zoology here in Cambridge, as I'd heard that they had a pretty impressive whale skeleton hanging in a specially designed alcove. What I didn't know was that this alcove was outdoors, and as I was telling everyone about it, one friend glanced to his left, and there it was!

I was very excited.


Tuesday, August 4

Interview on

Wow, long time no post!

Not a lot has happened, until the last few days. I am now InternetFamous: inspired by finding my Army set on flickr, Kaymir from made it the "expo of the week" on Shutter Crack, which was really nice of him. They also asked me to do an interview with them, which was really fun and cool, and can be read here. Please read it, it makes me think I'm cool, and he says some nice things about me.