Tuesday, August 4

Interview on CFYE.com

Wow, long time no post!

Not a lot has happened, until the last few days. I am now InternetFamous: inspired by finding my Army set on flickr, Kaymir from CFYE.com made it the "expo of the week" on Shutter Crack, which was really nice of him. They also asked me to do an interview with them, which was really fun and cool, and can be read here. Please read it, it makes me think I'm cool, and he says some nice things about me.


  1. yep, you do sound cool....very nice interview / ego boost x

  2. Just found this now, you sound uber cool. In fact I'm going to send it on to people and tell them I once ate a whole loaf of bread that belonged to you to imbibe your greatness.

  3. Hey, you still owe for that bread. And a whole tub of Lurpak.