Monday, March 23

New shots

Went to Girton for a wander around the other day, and got some pretty nice shots, I reckon...

Round Our Way

Round Our Way

Round Our Way

Wednesday, March 18

Nostalgia for Places You've Never Been To

Bored at work, I was browsing through my favourites on flickr. I have to say that I was blown away; the quality of photography that will basically never see the inside of a gallery is staggering. Even better is watching them as a slideshow, which I hope you will do by clicking here.

I also seriously SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY recommend that you download the track 'Primary' from Minotaur Shock's album 'Chiff Chaffs and Willow Warblers' and listen to it over and over again while looking at the pictures. The whole album is worth having, but if you only listen to one track this year while looking at someone else's idea of what great photography is, then it should be that one. Its only 80p or whatever from i-Tunes, and it will inject into the experience a goodly amount of nostalgia for places you've never been to.

WARNING: There are a couple of rude ones in there - nothing pornographic, but if you don't like bums then steer clear.

WARNING NUMERO DEUX: The whole thing will take about 50 minutes, so go to the toilet first.

UPDATE: I can't stop favouriting people at the moment, so it's well over an hour now. Better than most films though...

UPDATE 2: Well, in a way this proves my point - there are so many great pictures in there now that the slideshow will take about 90 minutes. That's a whole bunch of good shit...

UPDATE 3: Well, it's December now, 9 months later, and there are 4,257 pictures in my favourites, which will take about 3 hours to get through. I defy anyone to listen to same track on repeat for 3 hours, so maybe buy the whole Minotaur Shock album!

Monday, March 16


Walking along the Devil's Dyke near Newmarket yesterday, we came across this grisly sight:

Devils Dyke

All buggery knows how the thing got in a thorn bush, but he wasn't happy. All poked about he was...