Sunday, January 29

Shut up Rowan, it's a flippin' telephone

I simultaneously hate and love the camera on my iPhone. As far as cameras go, it's a bag of crap, but for god's sake, it's a telephone, what do I expect?

We're dog-sitting at the moment, and we took her out for a walk in the mist this morning. I was going to bring my regular camera, but I decided that I couldn't be bothered; I was likely to be holding a dog lead in one hand, and anticipated holding a small bag of poo in the other for about 50% of the time. I figured my phone would have to do.

They say the best camera is the one you have with you, and in this case that was the phone - I really like these shots that I got, but I hate them too.

I took this one last night - same story; without my phone, I wouldn't have this shot. But I wish it were better, you know? If it's not obvious, this is a whale's skeleton...