Wednesday, March 23

Time to say goodbye

After keeping hold of it for over 5 years, I'm finally getting rid of the great big bag of film that I've had lying around the house. I'm selling it on eBay;

19 Rolls of Fuji Sensia

19 Rolls of Fuji Neopan 1600

It's a bit of a wrench to finally admit that I don't use film any more - I still miss the smell of the darkroom and the heady rush of opening the developing canister to see what I've got, but digital photography has meant that I can shoot far more pictures far more cheaply - without it, I really don't think I'd still be taking photographs in the way that I do now. I still have a few film cameras that I'll keep, mainly for sentimental reasons but also because they look so lovely, but I think I'll be selling my old film SLR soon too. I do still have a couple of rolls of film left to put through my gorgeous Canonet (so generously given to me by friend Jo), so I'm not dropping it completely.

To commemorate what seems to me a landmark in my photography, here's some pictures taken with film



back end of a dog

trapped bird

UPDATE: So, the auctions have ended, and the final total came in at over £60. The lucky person who got the Neopan got an absolute bargain if I may say so. Congrats to the winners!